Please Teach Me How To Shoot Contemporary Portraits

Collaboration avec Vik Laschenov – Août 2014

Vik Laschenov: « This is project about the photography as I understand it.
Its about commercial side of photography, this side appears when I ask to shoot me in a contemporary aestetics (a task for a shooting). It’s about model and photographer relationships – I agreed to do everything photographer ask me. It’s about different side of vision – each photograoher shot me with their own aestetic. This project like research what contemporary portrait is. Somebody can say it’s like a selfies whitch were shooted in collabortion with different photographers. […] »

Nicolas Dartiailh (text to produce for this project): « Portrait is a face to face with someone I take a picture of. A contemporary portrait is a face to face with one of my contemporary I take a picture of. Then it is always a three-way relationship between the photographer, the sitter and the viewer. Contemporary or not, each paling an equal part. »

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